“我们期待国际留学生尽早回校” —南澳州教育部国际教育处玛丽莲·史丽丝

日期: 2020-05-29
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对话南澳州教育部国际教育处负责人玛丽莲·史莉丝(Marilyn Sleath):我们期待国际留学生尽早回校。

第一次和Marilyn Sleath见面,是在去年四月,由南澳州教育部国际教育处举办的寄宿家庭与留学生联谊野餐会上。作为南澳州教育部国际教育处处长,她已经在此岗位上任职长达15年。如同大多数澳洲的教育从业者一样,她是一位资历丰富,但依然对工作保有满满热情的教育工作者。

“我们期待国际留学生尽早回校” —南澳州教育部国际教育处玛丽莲·史丽丝

南澳州教育部国际教育处玛丽莲·史丽丝 (Marilyn Sleath)


Could you make a self-introduce to us, please?

A:您好,请允许我先做个自我介绍。我叫玛丽莲·史莉丝(Marilyn Sleath)。大约5岁那年,我就想当一名老师了。我觉得这是一个真正吸引我的职业, 因为我一直都是很喜欢学校,学校里优秀的教师无时不激励着我。

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ms Marilyn Sleath. When I was about 5years old, I wanted to become a teacher. As I had always enjoyed school, homework, school sport and being inspired by good teachers it was a profession that really appealed to me.


I became a teacher and not long after, I became a Deputy Principal which allowed me to lead teachers to improve their teaching methodology.


Would you also tell us about your career, please?


Later I became a Principal which also was a very challenging role as I was responsible for inspiring all staff to improve their teaching skills and thus the learning outcomes for all students in their class. The role was extremely valuable in creating a school that the local community believed was highly performing and caring for their children.

再后来,我成为一名督学、地区教育总监(辖区有184所学校),随后成为南澳州教育部人事处长。这是一项复杂的工作,但幸运的是,在领导层中我的副手们都非常能干, 作为一个领导团队,我们合作的很好。

Afterwards I became a School Inspector, Area Director with (184 schools) followed by Director of Personnel for the state of South Australia. This was a complex job, however, I was fortunate to have extremely able Assistant Directors in the Leadership team. We worked well as a team of leaders.

“我们期待国际留学生尽早回校” —南澳州教育部国际教育处玛丽莲·史丽丝


Would you please give us your insight about international education based on your experiences of working in this area for many years?


I think international education means different things to different people and there are various definitions of what is ‘international education’. For me, it means students can “think with an international or global perspective through connecting them with different societies and belief systems which will help them understand and embrace cultural differences and similarities”.

我目前的角色是国际教育处处长。我的合同已经延长了几次,所以我担任教育部国际处这个部门的领导已经有15年了。不得不说这是一个很棒的部门, 因为我们的工作会接触接待来自世界各地的学生。在学校的课程、学校本身以及学校所在的社区国际化方面, 我们能帮助他们更有创意。学校的国际化使我们的学校重视所有文化和语言,并使得我们的教育环境更具有文化包容性。

My current role is Director, International Education. I have had my contract extended a few times, so I have been the leader of this Directorate of the Department of Education for 15 years. It is an amazing place in which to work as we host students from all over the world. We are able to support our schools to become more creative in the area of internationalizing their curriculum, their school and the local community. Schools do this by valuing all cultures and languages. They set out to become more culturally inclusive in all that they do.


International education or rather to say international students have played a significant role in enriching multi-culture and bringing economic benefits to South Australia, especially to the government-funded school in SA. What do you think about the impact of the novel coronavirus sweeping the world on international education?


Our international schools program has definitely played a significant role in enriching and strengthening core values such as tolerance, harmony and international mindfulness. There is an increased awareness of valuing diverse experiences and how to include them in the classroom. The current novel coronavirus has really impacted international education as a number of countries have closed their borders and imposed travel restrictions which mean many of our students cannot travel to Australia to recommence or commence their studies. In the meanwhile, some families and their children prefer to be home looking after the family unit. Other international students who have stayed in our schools have had to learn about online learning which seems to work better for some students than others.


Currently most of our schools have been back to normal and opted to teach via face to face methodology again. Our state government’s advice is that our schools are safe if health directions are managed well.

“我们期待国际留学生尽早回校” —南澳州教育部国际教育处玛丽莲·史丽丝


Could you please talk about what you and your team have done to help international students who are here or haven’t come back yet?


Regarding current students onshore, since the outbreak of the COVID-19, IES has been making phone calls to check on their wellbeing, calling their homestays to check on how international students are coping. For the students caught offshore, IES has either contacted their families directly or through their agents to provide them with most updated information regarding the Australian government’s travel restrictions as well as the guidelines to help protect them from the COVID-19. 


And we have been part of a government strategy to fund international students with money ($100 payment) for their use in their school account, paying homestay families $200 per student to help out families at this time and funding ISEC classes to provide more support or equipment for international students.

但我们也知道,11年级和12年级的很多课程继续在网上还是有一定难度的, 和海外学习,尤其是实践性课程,海外网上教学很困难。对于选择明年初重新回到我们学校上学的学生, 为了支持他们完成学业,除了全额退还未使用的学费外,我们还为他们提供了为期6个月的奖学金。

It became extremely difficult to continue a wide variety of year 11 and 12 subjects, especially practical ones, online and offshore. Apart from refunding the unused tuition fee in full, we have offered a 6 month scholarship to support students who may choose to recommence next year in their SA government school.

“我们期待国际留学生尽早回校” —南澳州教育部国际教育处玛丽莲·史丽丝


What do you foresee what is going to happen to the international education industry after the coronavirus pandemic?


After the pandemic has settled, I believe the international student program will grow again, because international education or international experience is a key feature of education in the 21st century. If quality tuition and quality homestay experiences are offered again, I believe our international student program will continue to be a choice for many students and parents overseas. However, I know it will take some time. A vaccination would be great for the whole world! We are preparing now to welcome international students back to our schools.  




我们的学校和学生, 以及我们国际教育服务处的工作人员都很想念你!


玛丽莲·史莉丝(Marilyn Sleath)

Dear students and parents,

I hope you and your whole family are well and coping through this global pandemic. I’m sorry if your study plans have been disrupted due to Covid-19 and I hope we can work with you to resurrect them if and where possible. Our staff and schools really look forward to welcoming you to South Australian Government Schools or back to your school when the international borders are open again.

Our schools, students and staff here at International Education Services miss you!

Please stay safe and well.

Marilyn Sleath


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